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Sorry this is belated but I would definitely give your service a 5 star rating.

I ordered the bench and it arrived the day after (earlier than expected)

Good quality garden furniture at a reasonable price.

Think it was back in Sept/Oct when I ordered the bench-delivered to WN7 5HY.

Please feel free to post my comments

Nicola D. Skitt –

Simply Wood Feedback

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Good Morning

Thank you for your e-mail. Our Anchor Fast Exmouth BBQ shelter was delivered safely on Tuesday. We haven’t had a chance to put it together yet, but are looking forward to seeing it once built.

We would like to thank you for such an efficient service. I was concerned I wouldn’t be there to accept delivery due to working hours, but following a couple of phone calls, it was delivered before I left. My husband, in his wisdom had decided to book half a day and they arrived at the same time.

We will certainly recommend your company to family and friends and can’t wait for the chance to light the BBQ, (whatever the weather)

Many Thanks

Judith & John McCann

Customer Feedback Simply Wood Feb 2018

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Planters efficiently delivered on Saturday – the weather has prevented me from assembling them but if the contents are anything like the quality of the packaging I am sure they will be just as you describe

Seriously though – great service and a credit to you. Thanks


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Hi Ian, just a note to say thank you for the planters which arrived today. We were impressed with the web site and are more than pleased with the product, the planters are very good quality. The protection for delivery was impressive, and the speed and customer service received from yourselves and the delivery company was exemplary. We have recommended them to a friend and hopefully you receive a further order. Thanks again and hope to use you further in the future. Stuart and Beverly Robinson

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Anchor Fast 2018

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Wow! That was such a quick year, 2017 been and gone, it has been a fabolous year here at Simply Wood the range went down a treat and some really happy customers.

Thank you for all your business, it really is apprecaited and look forward to season 2018 working closer together. If you require any assistance at all please do call, email or use our new live chat that we have added to the wooden garden furniture website last week, it seems to be a great tool and is just great for a fast responce.

We are excited to annouce the new range from, anchor fast garden furniture the full range is now available and all has been added to the site, really good news.

There are some really exciting new oustanding quality new products including the padstow furniture range, what a product, all pieces match each other and are interchangeable with tables and arms, so you can make a block of outside garden furniture, totally unique. Have a look at and please let us know what you think, this is going to be a winner for 2018.

Also we have added 12 bird tables to our range, Christmas purchases have been oustanding and we are looking forward to this season with them, we are also looking at a range of bird food to accompany the wooden bird table range.

If their are any products that we do not list at this point but you think would be a good addition for us here, please let me know, we are always on the look out for new ranges and especially unique outdoor products. Our relationdhip with Anchor Fast has grown and further developed for this season, we are working a lot closer together, every product is in stock and if ordered in the AM, or infact prior to 1pm we will deliver the next week day, for example if you order at 12.30 on a Monday, it will be delivered on the next day, Tuesday. Or id you order on a Friday before 1pm your order will arrive on the Monday. We can organise weekend deliveries, Saturday and a Sunday however the carriers charge a lot more for this and there has to be a surcharge, apologies. Just contact us and we can quote for you.

Also moving on from there but a similar subject, deliveries to Northern Ireland, Highland, Islands and the Channels Islands in most cases we are pleased to announce for this year onwards we can offer a carriage free delivery if a parcel (for example a 2 seater bench) but if a pallet (for example an arbour, swing seat, bbq shelter etc) we then have to add a delivery surcharge as the carriers charge again a lot more. Please if you require a delivery in any of these regions contact us first before ordering and we will gladly quote for you. We will of course do the best we can, it is so frustrating the extra amounts for these regions.

I hope the above helps and thank you again for your conitued support during 2018 onwards.


Bird Tables

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Why You Should Consider a Bird Table for Your Home Today

Ever conceived the idea of making your surrounding or environment a hub for terrestrial display where different kinds of birds could be seen and observed? Perhaps what you desire is the need to listen to the lovely and sonorous songs from birds while you relax within the comfort of your home. A bird table is however one major design created to bring such dream to fruition. It is a cage-like design created for the purpose of providing food to birds while at same time directing their attention to within your garden to catch a good sight of those wonderful terrestrial creatures. It comes in different sizes, types and designs to specification for different type of birds.

What are Bird Tables?

Bird table or bird feeder as could be called is a structure hung to a tree branch or to be mounted on a pole with different kind of feeds meant to attract birds. A bird feeder could be a tube seed feeder made of plastic with a plastic or metallic cover or an enclosed cage made of net or wood with lid used for attracting and feeding a wide variety of bird species.


The design of a wooden bird table is a subject of its target creature. Designs for Kerinth, Kendal, Windermere, Cartmel etc are distinct exclusively from one another depending on the type and size of the target birds. Irrespective of the type of table an individual chooses to build, it is important to note that they all posses some common characteristics which include: –

  • Base Stand: – Irrespective of the table you choose to create, there must be a collection of beautifully carved woods fasten together at one end to provide support at the base of the bird table and keep it upright at all time. The base stand could also be pegged into the ground in other to prevent the bird table from being blown away by wind as a result of its open space location.
  • A Pole: – One of the major considerations to make while designing a wooden bird table is its ability to deter squirrels from invasion and subsequent destruction of feeds left for birds’ consumption. It is against this background that made a feeder on a pole much preferable to being hung on or around trees. It is believed that while trees are preferred destinations for a near perfect movement by squirrels, it is often difficult for them to move up or down a pole, a well carved and furnished one especially.
  • A Cage: – This is not necessarily an enclosed structure. It could just be a design with a base where feed s could be placed and a cover at the top to prevent rain or sunlight from destroying feeds placed in bird tables. Its design is of different type often constructed to specification of target birds.

Some Recommended Bird Tables for Your Home?

Rather than create a gigantic tree to accommodate all kinds of birds thereby putting the environment at the risk of predating, transfer of infections between and among birds, unfitting sight of different type of birds within the same space as well as the raucous roving of different birds which could cause noise pollution rather than create a sonorous sound to sooth hearing, bird tables thus stand a major and better alternative. To get the best of bird tables for different kinds of bird species, here are some recommended quality bird table you should consider: –

Simply Wood’s range of Anchor Fast Bird Tables

  • Anchor Fast Langdale Feeding Station: – This could simply be referred to as a multi-feeder bird table type. It have the capacity to take up to 8 feeders, easy to add more hooks and hangers etc if required.
  • Anchor Fast Windermere Bird Table: – It is built with a recycled slate roof which makes it suitable to improve the weather protection for the birds and an internal nut feeder which makes it so easy to feed the birds. It is so simple to fill and great to keep clean.
  • Anchor Fast Cartmel Bird Table: – This is a suitable feeder for the bigger birds. It also comes with a recycled slate roof which serves as protection from harsh weathers with a taller and larger table suitable for bigger birds. It also serves a greater purpose of protecting the feeds from being blown off by wind.
  • Anchor Fast Lowther Bird Table: – Like the anchor fast cartmel bird table, the anchor lowther bird table also come with high sides to protect the seeds in the wind with an additional side perches which makes it unique.
  • Anchor Fast Bowness Bird Table: – This is larger, taller with an extremely high quality, a recycled slate roof which improves weather protection for the birds along an internal nut feeder which makes it so easy to feed the birds, simple to fill and great to keep clean. It also comes with higher sides on the feeding table to protect the feeds from wind.
  • Anchor Fast Ambleside Bird Table: – This like others also has high sides to protect from wind with a unique open feature to provide an excellent view of the feeding birds.
  • Anchor Fast Grisedale Bird Table: – It is tudor styling, flagship feeding station with high sides to protect the seeds in the wind and totally open for excellent viewing of the feeding birds.
  • Anchor Fast Coniston Bird Table: – This model has side perches, a great extra which makes it easy for more than a bird feeding at once. It also comes in a recycled slate roof to improve weather protection for the birds along with an internal nut feeder which makes it so easy to feed the birds, simple to fill and great to keep clean. Also have higher sides on the feeding table to protect the food/seeds in the wind.
  • Anchor Fast Hawkshead Bird Table: – It comes with two extra feeding tables on its stand to help attract the bird with high sides to protect the seeds in the wind and a totally open feature for excellent viewing of the feeding birds.

It is however important to note that the different type of bird tables as recommended above is made of a high quality FSC certified woods and timbers. They are of classic and timeless designs with high resistance to animal stains and a very suitable feature to sooth all gardens.

Wooden Garden Furniture 2018

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Choosing The Best Simply Wood Furniture For Your Home

Furniture is a necessary requirement in our everyday life whose importance has often been a neglected subject. The significance of furniture is also often felt when you have to face a situation without the assistance of proper furniture. Your home is a place that supposes to serve as solace to you from the stresses of the outside world. This suggests why it’s imperative that you set your living area up with furniture that best suit your desired comfort. Good furniture can help contribute to a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. The right home furniture can help you relax at home while you leave the outside world at the door. Decorating is one great way to bring out your creativity but knowing the best garden furniture to use is another factor that guarantees a happier home. To get the best of furniture that best fit any mood, comfort and desire, below are some recommended products for consideration: –

  1. Anchor Fast Padstow Footstool: – this is a high quality footstool that can be used for extra comfort together with any padstow benches, seat or love seats. It comes with pebble stone colour with silver undertone. It has easy to assemble hidden fixings.
  2. Anchor Fast Padstow Connecting Table: – As the name suggests, this is a quality connecting table used to attach padstow benches to benches, seats or love seats. It serves as a handy between your seats for drinks, books, papers or even hands to rest on.
  3. Anchor Fast Padstow Coffee Table: – this can be used with any of the padstow benches, chairs and companion benches most especially for your outdoor furniture to meet the required standard for any given occasion.
  4. Anchor Fast Padstow Companion Bench: – it is a comfortably designed contoured seat which like the coffee table is specifically designed to suit your outdoor furniture requirement. It can also make a fantastic design most especially together with other padstow products to suit your patio and give it the required look. It is as its name suggests a good pick for relaxation within and around your patio.
  5. 3 Seater Bench with Folding Table: – this at mere look appears to be a perfectly normal bench with novel design that gives you a usable bench with multiple purposes. The secret of its beauty lies in a carefully and beautifully designed tiny folding table in the middle of the seat which you can pull out to set down cups, books or any other thing else. One can however assume the 3 seater bench with folding table look quite complicated and might be very difficult to set up but with a simple step-by-step instruction, you will set your table and be able to use it in the most convenient manner.

It is however important to note that each products as selected above is specifically designed for your indoor and outdoor furniture requirement. It is designed to fit into any household, take relaxation to a greater height, strengthen bonds between loved ones as well as provide a one-stop satisfaction for your events and occasions.

Have a look at our great range of wooden garden benches online.

BBQ Shelter Customer Feedback

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Hi Ian
I thought that you might appreciate a note from me saying how pleased I am with the Devon BBQ shelter, It arrived earlier than anticipated and was perfectly packed, it was however too large to exit the vehicle via the tail gate lift and had to be dismantled. This was not a problem as it would have been too large and heavy to move to the rear of my house without such attention. The shelter is clearly of quality construction and material and was simple to assemble; it enhances my patio.
Thank you for your prompt attention throughout the purchase.

Best regards

Garden And Patio

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Gardens & Patios

Having a quaint, inviting patio that overlooks a beautiful and vibrant garden can transform your home from demure to exuberant instantly. Even if you’re working with a tight budget, you can find adorable looks and perfect plants to make your outdoor area the epitome of class, sophistication, and personality. An integral part of our culture is the idea of a garden. It became widespread with the first World War, with many people preferring to grow their own vegetables to avoid the negative repercussions of the tragedy. Patios developed into a wholly-embraced feature several years later, becoming a symbol of community and familial warmth. By simply adding these prospects to your home, you give yourself quintessential features for a lovely residence.


Garden Ideas to Make Yours Unique

When you decide to do-up your outdoors with some stylish and perfect features, you cannot go wrong with characteristics that make every little bit unique. Gardens are an amazing opportunity to truly grow something that becomes a reflection of who you are. You deserve to construct and craft an all-encompassing garden featuring all of your favorite plants and some good quality wooden garden furniture. You could try constructing a sensory garden with your children or spouse. These types of gardens take into consideration each of the five senses, encouraging you to plant your favorites that stimulate everything from sight to sound. Alternatively, you could craft a floral daydream, filled with a multitude of beautiful and scent-sational flowers. Whatever type of garden you decide is right for your home, you should make sure to plan the design with seating features in mind. Nothing shouts peace and comfort like a quiet, snug little section buried inside a garden. You can read and lounge on your favorite piece, or lay out and get a tan during the summer. Take a nap under the stars, surrounded by the beauties you helped bring to life. Whether you want to add a simple, stylish wooden garden bench or go all out with a wooden garden arbour, you can make the space your own.


Patio Tips for Comfort and Utility

No matter what type of patio or porch you decide would fit best with your budget and your style, you can find the perfect attributes to keep it vibrant and lovely. When you design your patio, do you want to have an indoorsy, home-esque feel? Or are you more of a rustic, cabin-vibe sort of person? Whatever appeals to you, you can find the right outdoor furniture to make it classy and keep it functional. There is nothing worse than coming out to your patio with the intention of relaxing and finding that the features you selected are inadequate for your needs. If you live in a cooler location, for example, a quirky and adorable outdoor stone fireplace might provide the comfort and utility you need. You can pick beautiful wooden garden benches with upholstered cushions that match your decorative ambition, and you can make the entire area perfect with some fairy lights and hanging pots. If fairy lights and hanging pots and stone fireplaces are not your cup of tea, you could opt for a much more minimalist alternative. Perhaps you’d appreciate some black, sleek lanterns paired with garden benches. You can find a matching rug with a simple pattern to tie the pieces together. A stunning, picturesque wood arbour in the distance can give you something to gaze upon as you sit, brooding and pensive, on your lovely but modernly designed patio bench.


Perhaps you’ve seen some lovely plush loveseats or intricate stone tables in lifestyle magazines, featured as the perfect outdoor furniture. Even with the minimal aesthetic appeal, these pieces do not measure up to the quality and import of having top notch wooden garden furniture. First off, when you use alternative forms of furnishings, you run the risk of damaging the furniture long-term with exposure to the elements. With wire and metal furniture, they will eventually rust or ruin from rain, snow, and variable temperatures. Plastics are even worse, with their longevity being brief at best. Stone has the appeal of lasting through any sort of climatic debacle, but it lacks the comfort and serenity of its counterparts. Additionally, stone furnishings can be decidedly difficult to orient décor with. They can be big and clunky, taking up too much space and offering no redeeming qualities. Wooden garden furniture is the solution to all of your problems. Not only can it match a veritable number of different styles and designs, but it also lasts for years and years. You can take a hammock or swing seat and turn it into your latest DIY craft piece, painting it a fun colour and reupholstering the cushions to create a truly unique piece. If arts and crafts isn’t up your alley, you could always opt for picking out the one that best matches your stylistic preferences. Wooden furniture has the unique ability of being modified to fit any and all possible physical ideals. With sandpaper and varnish, you can turn your basic piece into a fantastic and delightful wooden garden arbor that aligns with your preferences. It is like magic.


Gardens & Patios

Whether you want to create a remarkable outdoor space for your kids to grow up in or you want to design the most luxurious hang-out space for your best friends, you cannot go wrong when you choose the right furnishings and follow your heart. Picking cool plants, designing your space, and using impeccable products is a fool-proof plan that cannot fail. You deserve to have a space to call your own, a place for you to develop your hobbies and interests, a beautiful area full of delight and potential. A garden with a patio is the best possible option, featuring the best of both worlds. You get all of the appeal of an interior design with the beauty of the outdoors.

wooden garden furniture sale

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Wooden Garden Furniture

New Arrivals For 2017:-

3 Seater Elegance High Quality Hammock – Was  Now Only £249.99

Please have a look through our website pages, slowly, some beautiful high quality furniture along with some great information.

 This Limited Offer Has Been Continued For 2017 – While Stocks Last – AN IDEAL GIFT

Rangoon 2 Seater Bench (4Ft) – Was  £249.99 Now Only £149.99

Rangoon 3 Seater Bench (5Ft) – Was £299.99  Now Only £164.99

Rangoon 4 Seater Bench (6Ft) – Was  £319.99  Now Only £199.99

*Highest Quality Full Range Of Furniture, Browse Our Unique Range

Search By Catergory Below or Use The “Product Catergories” On The Right To Filter & Search

* Overnight Next Day Delivery – FREE

* Best UK Online Pricing – GUARANTEED

* Price Matching Available – Phone Free: 0800 118 5141



Breaking News – Anchor Fast Garden Furniture new complete range of wooden garden furniture for season 2017, please follow the link below:-

Anchor Fast 2017 Range


Outdoor Wooden Furniture

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Garden Furniture

We often lose track of time and miss moments which could have been very special. Instead of being involved with your screen and always on your phone, why not take some time to appreciate the outdoors and everything it has to offer? When you have garden furniture to relax on, it makes it so much more enjoyable to spend time outdoors whether you are taking some time for yourself and hanging out with friends. A garden or yard is also the perfect place to host a get together or just spend some quality time with your loved ones without everyone being focused on technology.

Outdoor furniture is also a great way to make a fashion statement and really bring your garden to life. Without outdoor furniture, your yard can feel empty and you probably won’t spend very much time enjoying the sun, but with a beautiful Solid Oak Garden Bench or a gorgeous table, you can spend some much needed moments enjoying the peace and quiet. Here’s how you can spruce up your patio or garden without having to break the bank!

  1. Have a list.

The first thing to do is to plan how you want your area to work. Would you like to be able to use it for dinner parties when the weather is warm outside? Would you like to be able to relax under a tree with a good book? You need to determine what activities you would like to be able to take place in your outdoor spot of choice before you can decide what kind of furniture you need. If you want to have a nice place to relax and look out into your yard, a Wooden Garden Bench may be perfect but if you want to have a spot to eat, a set of Wooden Garden Furniture might be better.

  1. Try it out first.

If you are shopping for your garden furniture in person, always try actually using it before you purchase it. Say you bought a beautiful Solid Oak Garden Bench based on looks alone and didn’t take the time to sit on it; if you get home and don’t like it, you will have wasted a trip. On the other hand, if you are buying online, read the reviews of people who have actually bought the items and what they think of it; not just the paid reviews.

  1. You’ll be grateful for easy maintenance.

Things like Wooden Garden Furniture will really make you appreciate not going with things like fabric that you have to maintain meticulously. If you buy a Wooden Garden Bench instead of a cloth chair, the Wooden Garden Bench will hold up much longer than the cloth chair; plus, you don’t have to bring in the bench every day!

  1. Think about storage space.

If there’s a large storm or it gets really cold in the winter time, where are you going to store your Wooden Garden Furniture? Even though garden furniture should be built to withstand, you can extend your furniture’s lifetime by keeping it inside when the weather gets really bad. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, you may want to have a few folding pieces and invest in really durable pieces like a Solid Oak Garden Bench to leave out no matter what.

  1. Splashes of colour.

You don’t always have to go with the natural colors. While a Solid Oak Garden Bench may be just what you want, you can accent the Wooden Garden Furniture around it and really make it pop. If you have a piece you love, why not make it the centerpiece and match all the other furniture you have to really make your loved furniture shine? Of course, leave the really bold colors for the trim and accents unless you just really love color!

  1. Quality over quantity.

When it comes to garden furniture, you will enjoy your furniture much more if you get quality pieces. While cheap products may look okay for a short amount of time, they will weather very quickly and you will be left with furniture that is falling apart. When you invest in a higher quality piece like a Wooden Garden Bench which is meant to hold up for years, you’ll definitely notice a difference. Once they’ve seen the sun for a few years and faced the weather, you will tell the difference between a cheap plastic chair and a durable piece of wooden garden furniture.

  1. Think about the ground.

You can really bring a setting together by having an all-weather rug. This will add a pop of color and tie the entire outdoor area together into one spot. These rugs will be soft if you want to go barefoot and will also add an air of comfortability to your little patch of paradise.

  1. Think about dual-purpose furniture.

If you have a piece or two that can double as something else, such as an ottoman that can act as a seat if you have extra guests over, you can save a lot of money. There are quite a few things which have a dual-purpose; you just have to start thinking outside of the box to see their potential.

As you can see, there’s a ton of benefits from having garden furniture as well as a lot of things to remember before buying garden furniture. Remember to invest in quality over cheap quantity as it will save you money in the long run when you don’t have to replace your furniture every other year. Color can make or break a setting; it just takes the right eye to work things together. Wood furniture makes an all-around great choice, as it is durable and beautiful to look at. The most important thing to remember is: above all, it is your space. You can design it however you like and as long as it makes you happy, you’ve done a good job. Enjoy your time outdoors and make a lot of new memories to last you a lifetime!