Simply Wood Wooden Garden Bench

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Hi Ian,

Just wanted to let you know that my item arrived safely this afternoon.

Wow! the bench is even more gorgeous than your stunning photos in the listing. 
My son put the bench together for me and remarked on how easy it was for him…and quick to assemble too.

We even had the weather on our sjde to be able to enjoy an hour relaxing on the bench (it was raining this morning). The bench is VERY comfortable. I love the quality of craftsmanship and the beautiful type of wood used. as well as the actual design (Churchill)…. a huge thank you to whoever designed and made it : )

Thank you for such a wonderful purchase and easy transaction.
Huge hugs to you and your team,
Much love,

Wooden Swing Arbour

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This is a very late follow-up for this delivery,  but I just had to express my thanks and to say how very satisfied we are with it, attractive and well finished. In complete contrast to my previous one. I would also like to add that the delivery man was extremely helpful, taking time and putting it exactly where I needed it. It arrived just before the lockdown!!and it’s been put to full use ever since. Ideal for a couple in their 80sAgain, many thanks,David Thomson

Ceremony Wooden Bench

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Dear Mr Thirsk,
I am delighted with my garden bench which arrived within 36hrs of order and was very well packed the assembly time was a bit optimistic but with the help of my daughter (she did most of the work) we finally succeeded.
I noticed the bench will require treating what do you recommend and what colour or is it clear.

Good evening I hope well.
Thank you again for your order, a lovely bench.
Sounds like your daughter really helped out, that’s really nice.
At the moment there is no need to stain, however in time it is worth looking after and staining will really help.
Here is the advice we usually give:-
For aftercare, please just apply a water based wood stain (colour of your choice), or just natural, you can purchase from any good DIY store. Wash your bench down with some soapy water, rinse off, dry, no need to sand (however you can give a gentle sand if necessary) and then just slosh the stain on with a rag or brush, it takes just minutes to do this. Ideally do this before a hot summer and again before the winter especially if keeping outside. If you do this your bench will remain looking new and fresh. Possibly worth applying some now.

I hope this helps.

Enjoy the rest of  day and take care.



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BBQ Shelter Roof Waterproofing

Morning Ian,

As promised please find attached a few photos of the BBQ Shelter with
shingled roof.

I finished it on Sunday just as the heavens opened, the rain lasting through
to Tuesday,  it has therefore had its weather proofing capabilities tested
with immediate effect. The sun having finally come out again, I have been
able to take the pictures. 
You can see from the first pic. (which is a night shot from yesterday
evening), having the electrics and lighting in place, why I was reluctant to
replace the roof.

I had to add extra pieces of timber on the ends to be able to bring the
under felt down so that a) it looks finished and b) any water drains off
without getting into the structure.

As previously mentioned the shingles were purchased from The Roofing
Superstore and were IKO Armourshield Hexagonal Roofing Shingles (Granite
Grey). Again as I previously mentioned, according to what I found online,
this particular range is lighter in weight being fibre glass based.

I must say it does look good, but it also brings a down side, it has made
the roof on our summerhouse look very shabby, so it seems I have another

Once again many thanks for all your help. It goes without saying that I
would have no problem recommending your company, indeed I already have to
friends that saw the installation yesterday.

Kind regards


Samantha Thirsk

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Samantha Thirsk, a key member of Abloom Ltd since the companies finding back in 2005. Looking after customer care and all of our financial affairs, many hours of dedication to ensure our business runs as smoothly as possible. Head of of accounts, Samantha Thirsk is originally from the North East now lives here in York close to the business. Can be contacted via the contact us information at top of the page.

Happy Customer

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I received my Hampton 4ft bench last night 23/06/20 and would just like to say how thrilled I am with this product.  It is a lovely size and beautiful quality.  I will now be able to spend many happy hours sitting to watch my pets in comfort and not on the grass!  Many thanks to you all and may I also say Thank-you for the good communication and to the brilliant, smiling, cheerful delivery driver from Yodel.I will be recommending your company to all of my family and friends for future use.
Emma Allen.  one very happy customer.

Wooden Garden Furniture Pressure Treated Mould

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When you receive a new piece of wood garden furniture, a planter or bench for example, if it has been pressure treated or tanilised it is very common to see mould on arrival. Sometimes just a few white marks, sometimes a lot more and black mould spores can been seen which is not very attractive at all. The good news is, the pressure treatment is workinng!

The wood will sweet for a while and this can cause mould, especially if it has been wrapped for transit or in the dark for a while.

It is nothing at all to worry about and extremely common. Ideally just wash off with soap and water and leave outside to dry. The sun will dry it and stop it moulding, usually between 2 and 3 weeks of being outside. Each time the mould reappears in this time just wipe it down.

Have a look at the link below for further assistance:-

Combining traditional techniques with expert know-how and modern manufacturing methods, Woodshaw products are distinguishably high in quality.

All of our products are FSC® certified, responsibly and sustainably sourced. Our commitment to quality is matched by our commitment to provide the best experience for our customers. We’re proud of the market reputation we’ve inherited – providing comfortable, durable furniture at great value, all supported by an unparalleled
level of customer service.




There are two types of knots likely to occur in our products – live knots and dead knots. A live knot is usually light in colour and generally will never fall out or affect the product strength and durability. However, a dead knot, usually darker in colour, will in some cases fall out leaving a hole and occasionally sharp edges. This may have an effect on the strength of the product and so in this case we would ask that you take photographs and email them to us.


Timber is a natural material susceptible to
changes in the atmosphere such as fluctuating
temperatures and varying levels of humidity
which cause it to expand and contract. This
may lead to splits and cracks appearing in
the timber, or it may even warp. However, none of these occurrences should cause concern as they will not affect the strength or longevity of the product. If you’re concerned and you can easily fit a £2 coin into the split, please take photographs of the defect and email it to us. We will analyse and replace the part if necessary.


We take care in the production, packing and
storing of our products though occasionally
mold can grow on components usually where
there is limited airflow. However, mould growth
does not affect the strength and durability of
the product and only grows on the surface. It’s
not harmful and can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth, brush or be pressure washed. Once the product has been assembled and is out in the open air the mould will not return.


Resin pockets can be present in our timber products and as a result leakages can occur. However, this will not affect the strength and longevity of the product in any way. In the event of any leakages, we suggest cleaning the affected area with mild soapy water and if the resin has completely dried we would advise lightly sanding and re-coating the product with a suitable preservative.

We recommend using Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain for a natural look or Ronseal Garden Paint to add colour to your garden. We advise you to let your Woodshaw product weather for 3 months before it will need treating. Top Tip: Sand the product lightly with a fine grade sandpaper then wipe down with white spirit.