Anchor Fast Garden Furniture – New Season Update

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Anchor Fast Garden Furniture

No matter where you live, it can be a wonderful thing to gather both friends and family alike to celebrate outdoors. Some of the fondest memories you probably have involve spending time with your loved ones while enjoying your time in the garden or your yard. However, there is something which can truly boost your enjoyment of your outside space. Anchor Fast provides the comfort that folding chairs just can’t. If you’ve ever dreaded trying to pull the folding chairs out of storage because people are coming over, you can forget about them! With garden furniture, you are prepared to entertain guests or have a quiet moment to yourself whenever you want it!

It is extremely popular to host events in the garden or yard now because who doesn’t enjoy a day spent comfortably in the sun? The blue sky, fresh air, and music of the birds is a lovely backdrop for the conversations which can take place. Spending quality time outdoors will rejuvenate your body and mind as well as strengthening your bond with your loved ones. You don’t have to spend a ton to have a good time; all you need is a yard, some comfortable garden furniture, and great company! There are a ton of different options available when it comes to wooden garden furniture, which means you can design a yard however you want it to look! This is great if you are someone who enjoys decorating as you have free roam and can add pops of color with flowers or gorgeous plants which may be difficult indoors!

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We at Anchor Fast Garden Furniture are dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable and best outdoor furniture around! We were originally based in Nottingham but have moved to a location in Doncaster. We make a wide variety of different types of furniture so you have a ton of different options to choose from! We started business in 1991, so we have a ton of experience under our belt and know what makes the best outdoor furniture. Our products speak for themselves and you’re sure to find something you’ll fall in love with when you check out our different wares!

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All of the timber and concrete products we have available have been considered for a long time before they are perfect and ready for you to enjoy. When you buy one of our timber and concrete pieces, you can be sure:

  1. Every piece of timber is heavy duty and can with take quite a bit of wear and tear without ever looking weathered. Heavy duty timber is known for being quite sturdy and our pieces are no different!
  2. Come with a heavy duty bolting system to ensure stability.
  3. Each piece with metal is zinc plated to ensure corrosion will not occur.
  4. No solvents are used on our products, instead, water-based preservatives are used to treat them!
  5. You can count on our products to last!
  6. We pride ourselves on remaining affordable while providing you with superior product quality.
  7. Our products are green so you don’t have to worry about placing furniture in your garden and everything dying!


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If you are in the market for pressure treated outdoor furniture, Anchor Fast Garden Furniture has just the thing for you! All of our timber that undergoes pressure treating is done following every code to ensure you won’t have to deal with your timber disappearing as soon as you get it. Our pressure treating process will give your furniture another 10 years for you to enjoy it!

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We have a wide variety of timber pieces for you to choose from! We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase so we offer these features for your convenience:

  1. All our timber pieces are made from heavy duty timber, which means they are reliable and will stay standing and looking just as nice as when you first bought them.
  2. There are no solvents in our products, they all have water-based preservatives instead.
  3. The assembly is simple so you won’t feel frustrated by trying to put something together which is supposed to help you relax. We know how annoying self-assembly products can be so we tried to make it as easy as possible for you!
  4. If you purchase a product which is supposed to hold an umbrella or parasol, there will be a pre-drilled hole so you don’t have to worry about the dimensions or where to put it!
  5. We provide all the instructions you will need to complete the assembly so you don’t end up lost.
  6. We deliver nationwide and in a timely manner!

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We have taken people of all ages into consideration. Everyone should be able to enjoy lounging or playing outdoors with Anchor Fast Garden Furniture to keep them comfortable. We have a range of different pieces for the younger ones to use. All of our furniture holds the same great standard of quality you love about our pieces made for the older generation. The Early Years pieces can take whatever your children can throw at them, so you need not worry about them breaking down. Whether you use the extra space as a learning area or let them use it as playground, they’ll have a blast!

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We have made sure to include something for every generation, from the ones who just started running to the ones who are tall enough to get into trouble. Our Junior Anchor Fast Garden Furniture pieces are made on a smaller scale with everything still made to the upmost standards!

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Garden furniture can really make your yard or garden look polished and make it a wonderful place for family and friends to hang out and spend quality time together. If you want your garden to transform into something more than just a pretty spot outside, you need Anchor Fast Garden Furniture! You’ll love spending time outside once you have a place to fully relax and soak up the sunshine. Don’t miss out on special moments, check out the wide variety of furniture we have available for you now!

Patio Dining

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Patio Dining Sets



Having a good dining set for our garden dining room is a great thing to have because it adds beauty and elegance to our garden. The garden is the place where we eat that is why it is very important to make sure that it is not just clean but it also has a good atmosphere. The durability and the comfort that wooden garden furniture dining set has a big choice of style. It would be great if you will feel comfortable sharing foods with your loved ones in a dining room or outside.

Patio dining sets believes that a great food can bring people together and a great dining set can help too. The right garden furniture will offer a very impressive selection of furniture for the dining room or garden that is meticulously designed in order to enhance the dining area of your home. They have a wide range of dinning set styles and colours. Each of these is usually consist of five to ten pieces of dining furniture. The selection that they provide to their customers includes both the traditional and the modern garden furniture sets that suits perfectly for casual family meals, for formal gatherings and for everything that is in between. If ever you want to have a table of gals top or a chair that is rustic wicker, A patio set has the best and the most suitable dining room furniture for you in order to turn your dining place into something that will serve as the social hub of your home.

Patio Dining Sets have an extended inventory that aims to provide you a great flexibility in choosing the best dining room or outside dining set that can fit perfectly for your needs. They will allow you to have a sense of refined sophistication into your dining area with the help of a marble top class of table or create a nature of a home-style charm by giving you an oak garden bench set for your dining place. The dining room sets also features a wide variety of assortment of finishes that are colourful such as the classic cherry, pristine white, rich espresso, sleek chrome and so on. They also consider the convenience that you want to have. For that reason, they are organising their dining room sets into a form of a collection in accordance to the décor and the nature of your home.

The modern dining room sets that patio dining sets have include a minimalist design boast with glass top tables. On the other hand, the traditional dining set they have included a set of large rectangular tables that comes with a dark wood finish. Whatever kind of design you want to have for your dining room, whether it is a traditional or a modern one, the vast collection of garden furniture are going to be the one to fulfill all your needs.

When it comes to a formal dining, patio dining sets also radiate to old fashion elegance. Take this situation for example; the rectangular cherry wood table that they have boast a merlot finish that is luxurious in style. Meanwhile, the high back chairs that they have features upholstery that is classy and it provides an understated complementary appearance. If you want to have an exotic modernism for your dining room, they also have several progressive collections for you. The Asian-inspired dining room set that they have includes a wide range of balanced evocative finish that is two toned by yin and yang and fashionable counter height chairs.

Garden furniture also has several collections that can help in boasting the contemporary glass tabletop that rest upon with a striking pedestal legs. They also have newer dining sets that can blend the modern sophistication as well as the traditional touch with features of unique seating arrangements, counter height chair as well as triangular tabletops.

The dining room set furniture that they have provides all the things that you need in order to make your dining room the most standout and the most popular room in your home. They are going to make sure that you will be able to get the things that you desire for your dining room to become elegant and creative in style. The wood furniture will then transform your room into a classy one.

The wide range of selections of dining sets that outside patio dining provide are very good and very convenient for those people who want to have a wide choice, so that they will be able to get the dining sets that will suit perfectly to their needs and preferences. Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality dining set for your dining room that does not only give an aesthetic appeal but also made from high quality woods, they have a lot of things to offer to you, more than just a wooden garden bench in the garden.

At Simply Wood, you can get all the garden furniture that you need for your dining area and garden. They have friendly and reliable staff that will assist you with the things that you are looking for, with regards to your garden furniture needs, especially wooden. They will also help you in the blending and combination of the furniture that you want in order to achieve the look and the theme that you want to have for your dining rooms, inside or out.

Good dining set helps in making the dining time with the family more convenient and more fun. Therefore, if you want your dining room to look at its best for your family to eat comfortable with a good atmosphere, then, you should look for outdoor garden furniture at Simply Wood. You can rest assure you are not just getting an elegant garden set but also an outdoor dining room furniture set that can stand the test of time because of its high quality.

Patio Benches

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Wooden Garden Bench Buying Guide


With the right garden products, a part of your landscape can be turned into a comfortable and stylish abode where you can relax, catch the sunshine, have a quiet dinner and/or entertain friends. We at Simply Wood have a range of wooden garden furniture available in different styles and sizes for an affordable price.

One of the most important pieces of an outdoor area is a garden bench. These can add the perfect touch to your garden where one can sit and relax for hours. There are many things to consider when buying garden benches and other outdoor furniture which are:


Although, products can be made from many different materials, nothing beats the warmth and beauty of natural wood. Since, the furniture sits outside year round, it is important to select a material which is durable and can withstand local weather conditions. Some of the most common and durable woods used include:

  • Redwood
  • Acacia
  • Cypress
  • Cedar
  • Keruing
  • Oak
  • Pine


Our range is available in different sizes but before shopping for one, you have to consider the amount of space you have and how many people you wish to accommodate in your garden. The 2-seater  are 4 feet long while the 3 and 4 seaters are 5 feet and 6 feet respectively roughly.


The colour of your garden bench can be contrasting or matching the colours in your garden and other outdoor furnishings. The gardens that have a lot of light colours may be best complimented by pale products while a garden with dark outdoor fitments can go with a dark-stained look.


Cushions can be added for comfort. However, they should be taken inside in harsh weather conditions and occasionally washed and stored dry. Some products also include fold-up seats with storage area beneath or side trays for refreshments.

Maintenance tips:

Wooden furniture lasts a lifetime if maintained properly. Outdoor furniture made from high-quality wood is naturally insect and decay resistant and will give your garden a timeless and traditional look. However, over the time, the colour of your wooden benches can fade and turn into a silver colour. You can allow it to weather naturally or maintain the colour by using stained oil. The oil can be applied to the product and other outdoor furniture once or twice a year, very easy to do and can be completed quickly.

Buy a bench from Simply Wood

Wooden garden benches are a beautiful addition to any garden. Our range of garden furniture is made from wood that are sourced from sustainable forests and certified by the FSC (Forest Steward Council). Our products are a perfect addition for your garden. So what are you waiting for! Check out Simply Wood and avail the best prices and the best quality for your needs.

Wooden Garden Arch

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Wooden Garden Arches

Every garden needs something that pulls people’s attention. Every garden needs something that gets people talking and wondering. Many try to accomplish this with the plants they add to the garden, but that is not enough. The plant life in the garden cannot offer the same aesthetic appeal that you get from other additions, such as a wooden garden arch. Wooden garden furniture provides an exceptional addition to any garden. The furniture is functional, beautiful, and durable. You have something that looks great in your garden and that you can have for many more years to come. It is something that you will want to add. With Simply Wood, you have that ability. The range of patio furniture available allows you to make the most out of your outdoor space. These arches are sure to become centerpieces in that garden and are sure to add a level of beauty that other pieces cannot attain.

When you have a garden, you want to give it a boost in appearance. It should look outstanding, unlike anything that anyone has ever seen before. While it is difficult to create something of that magnitude, you can make your own garden space magnificent. There are ways to make it look as if it is from a fairy tale, and a garden arch is just one way. The arch is a perfect addition to any walkway or other open space. It draws in attention and it accentuates the plants around it. Arches easily become centerpieces in gardens. Whether it is just you or you have others coming over, it makes for a splendid view.

A wooden arch is what you want ideally. Unlike metals or other similar materials, the wood truly matches the garden. It complements the colours and the styles, and it offers an aesthetic appeal that you cannot get with any other material out there. Even if the designs are the exact same, it is difficult to say that the overall appearance is the same. Wood brings in a natural, warm look that you cannot get with anything else. When you have everything set up and have made the arch part of the garden, you can get everything to look just like any fairy tale you have read. It is a wonderful appearance.

We give you the chance to experience all of this for yourself. If you have ever wanted to add a wooden garden arch to your garden, you have that opportunity. Our site offers a wide range of wooden garden furniture in all styles and types, and arches are part of that. You have access to some incredible arches that will add to any garden space. You have a few options, including an arch with a bench. This selection helps you to find something that you will adore. Whether you have a small garden and want a nice bench with an arch or you have a grand garden and want an arch as the entrance to your walkway, there is something here to suit your needs.


Beyond the appearance of the arches, you have to put consideration into the quality. The quality of an arch is vital. While, in most cases, you will not interact with the arch much, it should have the ability to stand up against winds, rain, and other natural elements. You do not want the arch to break down after just a few days of being up. That would make this a worthless investment and it takes away the beautiful centerpiece. You do not have to worry about that with Simply Wood. Here, you have a large amount of care and effort going into the manufacturing of the wood.

The quality starts at the source. Our products only uses the best wood possible. The best wood is the start of good patio furniture, after all. Even with the best manufacturing, poor quality will not offer the durability and reliability that you expect.

Next, you have the manufacturing. uses experience and skills developed over the years to create exceptional wooden furniture. The arches come together perfectly, creating a solid piece of furniture for your garden. You can trust that they will stand strong for years to come.

When you purchase and receive your wooden garden arch, you will have to assemble it yourself in minutes, so simple and easy yet very sturdy. This is no problem, though, because the manufacturing, design, and packaging all make it as simple as possible. Even with limited experience building our outdoor furniture, you should have no issues with the assembly. You can have it put together and standing tall within the same day with minimal hassle.


Make sure that you get your garden arch right away. If you want to spend your gardening time enjoying yourself, then you want the appeal and the wonderment only offered by wooden arches. This type of garden furniture makes for the perfect addition to any garden. We are here to help you get started.

Garden Furniture

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An Excellent Choice

As time goes on the trend towards modernistic looks is slowing down, instead people are turning towards making their abodes stand out with rustic charm. An essential tool in the shaping of this new inclination is outdoor furniture. This is partly because it harks to a bygone era when carpentry was considered an essential trade for the adoration and creation of one’s home.

Despite its all-round charm, this style of furniture has found widespread uptake in a certain area of the house – the garden. This is so because here it essentially looks in sync with all the greenery around and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb as other sorts of furniture.

There are a variety of options available to you if you are looking to add wooden garden furniture to your garden in order to make it a beautiful and practical space.

Wooden Garden Benches

As mentioned before, our range is preferred by many as one the best choices for garden furniture on account of the coordinated look it imparts to the setting and the intrinsic natural appeal it offers. There is a wide assortment of garden benches to choose from, including, stump stools, box-style wooden pellets, love seats, recliners, picnic tables, benches and patio dining sets. All such forms make an excellent addition to the positively organic feel of your garden.

Apart from the variety of styles, you can also choose the type of wood you want. Normally, oak, teak, acacia, keriung, pine, cedar and eucalyptus are preferred wood types because of their proven, year-round outdoor resilience. However, no matter how durable a wood use, it is important to maintain it with regular reapplications of protective oils and varnishes to ensure that your product retains its sublime look.

Wooden Garden Swing Seats

Garden hammocks are great additions to the appeal of your garden. There are a variety of styles in the market place – namely, frame swings, arbour swings, pergola swings, among others. They are one of the most bought forms from simply wood, simply because they provide means for the ultimate form of relaxation; allowing you to connect with Mother Nature in progressively hypnotic sways. Swings can also be emphasized with platforms for the placement of flower pots.

Wooden Garden Arbours

Arbors are a stellar way to accentuate the look of your guardian and add a focal point to it that draws everyone’s attention. They have this uncanny ability to seamlessly blend with the surrounding greenery yet keeping their singular nature intact. These are available in two main forms of arches – the simplistic inverted V ones and the more sophisticated pergola ones.

In conclusion, no matter how much landscaping work you have put into your garden and no matter how much effort you have put into making it the most beautiful garden in your village or town, you will only be able to enjoy the fruit of your labour in its full splendor if it is furnished properly. Therefore don’t compromise on the look of your garden and opt for wooden garden furniture.

Choosing A Love Seat

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Choosing lasting wood for a wooden love seat in a garden and  the challenges it faces out in the environment.


A garden bench in a garden adds the ideal completing touch to a finished yard. Toward the end of a winding way or under a most loved tree, a love seat gives a spot to sit and think about nature, to loosen up from the weights of every day life.

While furniture can be produced using a scope of materials, it’s difficult to beat characteristic wood for warmth and excellence.

So which wood would it be advisable for you to decide for your purchase? Here’s a gander at probably the most strong and appealing common woods accessible.



For those worried about maintainability and eco-accommodating living, acacia settles on a decent decision. Acacia trees develop in such wealth in numerous locales of the world, that they’re regularly viewed as an intrusive species.

Acacia is a thick, sturdy hardwood that can withstand the components. It is regularly utilized as a part of pontoon building.

Fixing acacia serves to improve and save the wood’s rich, brilliant cocoa shading. On the off chance that left unlocked, acacia ought to be saved for deck or yard furniture.



The pitches in the wood render the woods impervious to both bugs and spoil. Cedar is a lightweight wood, settling on it the ideal decision in the event that you plan to move or improve your open air furniture frequently.

Cedar is likewise a decent decision in the event that you might want your outside furniture choice to coordinate your home or different decorations, since it paints and stains well. Truth be told, yearly cleaning and fixing of cedar are prescribed, as the delicate grain turns out to be harsh after some time if left untreated.

Left in a characteristic state, cedar climates to an exquisite gleaming dark after some time. Remember that cedar is somewhat delicate, so it will imprint and scratch more effortlessly than harder woods like shorea or teak. Incomprehensibly, since cedar holds dampness, instead of drying out, it’s more impervious to breaking than numerous different woods.



Cypress wood contains a characteristic additive that is both decay and creepy crawly safe. Cypress is fit for withstanding the components without a completion of any sort, however an intermittent layer of oil will keep the wood looking new more.

Like cedar, cypress climates to a silver dim after some time when left unfinished. Cypress is additionally an exceptionally stable wood, with small contracting or swelling all through the evolving seasons.

While cypress is a decent decision for outside furniture, it might be somewhat hard to discover because of the lack of full grown trees.



The timber from the stately sequoia is not a decent decision for the naturally minded, since redwood trees become gradually and are in constrained supply. The wood’s numerous fine traits, on the other hand, guarantee that redwood will dependably be utilized for open air furniture the length of harvestable stands of these glorious trees remain. This is suitable for all applications from garden 2 home.

Redwood is sturdy and climates well, and is additionally actually impervious to rot and bugs. Among redwood’s most esteemed characteristics are steadiness and an inclination not to shrivel nor twist.

Like cedar, redwood is generally delicate, putting it at danger for gouges and scratches. The profound cocoa magnificence of redwood can be secured and upgraded by a layer of clear sealer. On the off chance that left unlocked, redwood can correct retribution on its proprietors by recoloring apparel with the normal tannins that give the tree its name.



Shorea is a family name for right around 200 types of trees. A portion of the more regular name incorporate Philippine mahogany.

Despite the fact that it develops in Asian rainforests, Shorea is headed to turning into a maintainable wood, because of the way that gathering is profoundly directed. Shorea offers numerous positive characteristics with teak while for the most part being less costly.

Shorea is a tough, thick, tight-grained hardwood that holds up well under the unpleasant treatment of every day utilization and harsh climate. Shorea timber is likewise impervious to both bugs and spoil.

Left to its own gadgets, the patina of shorea blurs from gold to dim after some time. The wood’s energetic gleam can be managed by treating it every year with oil from its more costly cousin, teak.




Teak has the properties’ majority one could wish for in a wood utilized for outside decorations case affection seats. It opposes rot, repulses water, doesn’t therapist or swell, ages well, and is unfathomably solid.

Teak’s mystery lies in its tight grain and characteristic oils. Teak oil is all that is important to keep up the wood’s wonderful brilliant radiance.

Once tormented by maintainability issues, because of the deception that old development teak was the most attractive, most teak furniture in the western world now originates from deliberately oversaw ranches. The predominance of teak wood for making outside furniture is reflected in its high sticker price.


Picking a Durable Exterior Wood

At the point when purchasing wood for outside activities or furniture that will be utilized outside, it’s essential to remember that the darker hued heartwood, discovered closer the focal point of a tree, is substantially more spoil safe than the lighter sapwood. At whatever point conceivable, indicate “all heart” materials for your greenery enclosure seat or timber utilized for open air ventures.

Picking the sort of wood the truth is out for your open air furniture is at first an issue of needs. Once you’ve decided the harmony between life span, manageability, and spending plan; then it’s a great opportunity to let feel assume control. Since notwithstanding being strong, a garden love seat ought to likewise be lovely.


The Challenge

Garden furniture needs to conquer some really huge hindrances to survive outside, including:



Most wood is by nature biodegradable, so anything not fabricated of treated timber (or decay safe species, for example, teak, redwood, or cedar) will spoil and separate with astonishing velocity. Indeed, even treated or decay safe wood won’t keep going forever.


Paste and Finish:

Most standard adoration seat is made with inside pastes and completes that are implied for atmosphere controlled structures. At the point when set outside and presented to fluctuating temperatures and dampness levels, the paste in joints can come free and the completion debase. To confront the components outside, furniture should be made utilizing waterproof paste and outside completions.




It is typically fabricated utilizing tough development, with thick pieces and joints that lessening the measure of wood that is presented to the components. Indoor pads are frequently sensitive, with fine joints and thin pieces, alongside polishes. This is an open welcome for dampness, distorting, and breaking down when left outside.

So in summary, with all of these written down you won’t be misled in making the wrong choice, if wanting to construct a wooden love seat in a garden.

You can rely on simply wood.

Wooden Swing Seats

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Beautiful Wooden Garden Swing Seats


There is nothing more peaceful and tranquil than sitting in a lovely garden on a swing set. It brings back the child in each of us. No matter the season, is the perfect comfort seat. From enjoying a summer afternoon, to snuggling with a cup of coffee in your favorite sweater, your garden calls you to your happy place. Your wooden hammock is a place where memories are made. From children happily playing to mothers and grandmothers swinging an infant to sleep,  becomes part of our memoirs.


Unlike metal versions, ours will not rust in the unpredictable British weather. They will not be too hot to relax on in the summer months or too cold to sit on in the winter months. Everyone from toddlers to seniors enjoy the recreation of a swing arbour.


Wood ages naturally and blends in with the natural look of your garden. They come in a variety of wood finishes for the perfect look. Of course not all gardens are the same. We advise you to measure your available space and allow 1.5m around the product for easy walking and comfort.


We feature all the latest styles and designs and will help you choose the right one for your home and garden. People put a lot of planning and time into creating a beautiful garden that reflects their style. A garden swing seat adds the perfect touch of elegant comfort so you and your guests will enjoy the hours you have invested in your garden paradise.


These are made from numerous types of treated wood. With proper care, they will last a lifetime. For a cozy evening at home, heap on a warm blanket or throw for comfort. To make a swing more inviting place bright pillows or cushions on the seat.


The garden swing dates back to ancient Greece. The first swings were made from sticks and vines and tied to trees. There have been paintings that date back to 5bc that show women swinging on a seat made of wood and rope. Even then, people recognised the need for relaxation. Throughout history the garden swing shows up time and time again. Mothers have always known that children love movement. The movement of the swing calmed infants and thrilled children of all ages. During the decades when children were put to work in factories, women demanded there be areas where children could frolic and play during down times. Wooden swings were built in specified areas for that purpose. This was an important event that influenced the eventual building of public park areas.


Garden porch swings have always conveyed a touch of romance. Many courtships began on the swing in the garden. From the cradle to the grave, the wooden garden swing seat has a place in our hearts.


Through the generations, many materials were tried to create swings. They have been made of rope, metal, rubber, vines, and plastic. But when it comes to the garden hammock, wood has always been the preference. Wooden garden swings add a homey and loving touch to our lives. No other material will fit in to our personal space quite like wood.


The craftsmanship of creating the wooden porch swing can be simple and understated or very elaborate. A high product, like ours, is easy to erect and easy to maintain.


Caring and maintenance


  1. Keep your awning in good condition to protect the wood. In extreme weather such as snow and ice, move the swing to a covered area if possible. If moving the swing is not possible, cover the swing with a weather-proof tarp or cover.


  1. Keep beverages made with alcohol away. Also do not place your swing where plants or very hot items will touch the wood. All of these things will permanently stain the wooden outdoor furniture.


  1. You should clean your wooden garden furniture at least twice per year. Many people clean their furniture at the change of each season. This is a personal choice. But twice per year is the minimum for proper care.






1 gallon of water


5 teaspoons of dish washing liquid


1 tablespoon bleach if needed for extreme grime or any signs of molds


(Note: if you use bleach in your solution, use it on an inconspicuous small area to determine the effects of the bleach before applying it to the entire swing)


Wash with a soft bristle brush to scrub wood


Rinse well


Allow to dry


  1. At some point in the future, you may want to re-stain, to keep in in like-new condition. Always use the materials and instructions recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. Do not cut corners by buying lesser quality products than those originally used on your furniture.


When it comes to outdoor furniture, it is always best to consult a professional. Your choices can be passed down to future generations and will last a very long time with care and proper attention. Choose well. Choose it for style and comfort. Choose it for fun and relaxation. Investing in quality furniture is an investment that will bring you hours of leisure enjoyment.

Solid Oak Garden Benches

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Solid Oak Garden Furniture

Solid oak garden furniture comes with a lot of benefits. While the price tag is higher than some other woods, it is worthwhile in the long run. Here are the four main advantages you have by choosing solid oak for all your needs.

Strong and Durable Whatever the Weather

No matter how much you wish the climate would be favorable to your garden furniture, it just doesn’t happen. Stormy and icy weather damage various items, especially when made of poor quality wood. Solid oak is both strong and durable. With a little care and attention, it will look great throughout the year. Others need replacing or re-varnishing on a regular basis.

Easy to Clean

Spillages happen. With some woods, it’s likely that you worry about the stains that can form in the woods. This isn’t a problem with oak. Most spillages are very easily cleaned with water. In some cases, stain treatment is needed, but this happens much less frequently than with other woods.

Protects the Environment

There is now a focus on looking after the environment. Wood is great for this, because it is so much more environmentally friendly than plastic garden furniture sets. On top of that, you have the extra durability. With solid wood, you also get the benefit of degrading much slower than lighter woods.

Looks Great

One of the most important things is to have garden furniture that adds to your garden. This is, after all, going to help add value to your home! A solid oak garden bench will always looks great, especially when you care for it throughout the year. Your guests will be jealous that you’ve splashed out on the items, and you’ll have somewhere great to sit and relax in your garden.

It’s time to make the investment into this style of furniture. The items won’t need replacing as often, because they are strong and durable; come rain or shine. The wood is also great for the environment, while offering somewhere beautiful to sit and relax.

Wooden Garden Furniture

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A beautiful garden is not complete without the right furniture. You have to complement the garden’s flowers, bushes, and landscaping with furniture that blends in and accentuates the lovely appearance of the garden as a whole. The best type of furniture for this is wooden. Wooden garden furniture can become part of the garden in ways that other materials cannot match. Stone and metal may look nice, and they do offer great durability generally, but there is a different feel to wooden furniture. It is warmer, it is more inviting, and it adds personality to a garden. It truly does match the look of the garden and become one with it. When you have a wooden garden arbour, you want a wooden garden bench to go with it. This will bring out the colors and look of the garden beautifully.

The look of wooden garden furniture is what draws attention immediately. While there are numerous other benefits of this material for garden furniture, its appearance will always get people talking. That natural look blends in perfectly with a natural backdrop. When you have wooden furniture in the garden, it goes together like two matched puzzle pieces. The furniture can become part of the scenery without standing out too much. The exceptional appearance will get people talking, of course, but it keeps the eye moving through the entire garden. It is not the centerpiece or a way to grab attention; it is there to look nice and to play the part. It fits the role incredibly well. With the large selection of wood types and stains, you can have the look that you prefer, too.

Wood can last, too. A good wood with proper care, which requires minimal maintenance, can stay with you for years. As the garden continues to grow and change, the furniture will stay there with you. If you have a wooden garden arbour, as an example, you can have the garden become part of it. You can have plant life becoming one with the furniture, giving it a fairytale type feeling. It will look magical, and it will keep that look for a long time. Good wood with proper care will not experience a lot of damage through bad weather and regular use, either. Unlike other materials, like metal, it can hold its own in these types of environments without your constant watchful eye. Since it can hold up, there is no need to bring it in every time it starts to rain.

The Wooden Garden Furniture Selection

There is a large selection of wooden garden furniture. You have everything from basic, minimal pieces to works of art, all in different woods and colours. This selection allows you to get the exact look that you want for your garden. If you want something simple that you can trust will work in an outdoor environment, there are nearly endless options available to you. If you want something for a unique look, something detailed and exquisite, you can find an artist or specialist. You can do this with all pieces of garden furniture, too. Wood is a popular option so you have a rather large selection available to you.

The wooden garden bench is one option that you should consider. A bench is an important piece of the garden. After you finish working on the plants, no matter the type, you want a place to relax. You want a place that allows you to take in the fruits of your labor. A bench can do just that, and a wooden bench can make the experience astounding. You have a comfortable place to sit that looks nice. You can look out on your garden, feeling peace and relaxation. It is a simple addition that every garden should have.

For your wooden garden arbour, a bench is a necessity. Your arbour is for relaxation, of course, and you want a bench to match it. You can have a wooden garden bench of the same wood and colour, or another that you like, go into the arbour. They will complement each other and they will make for a perfect resting place in the garden. This is where you can go when you want to sit back, taking in the wonders of your garden. It is a great way to spend a Spring or Summer afternoon when it is quiet outside.

For anyone currently building a garden or looking to expand with the use of furniture, make sure to look into wooden garden furniture. It is environmentally friendly, it looks excellent in any garden, and it can fit your tastes. Make sure that you get a bench, too. You will want a bench for your garden, especially when you have an arbour or plan to have one, so that you can have a place to enjoy your hard work. It will quickly become your favourite spot.