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Breaking News – Anchor Fast Garden Furniture new complete range of wooden garden furniture for season 2017, please follow the link below:-

Anchor Fast 2017 Range

Classic and Contemporary Wooden Garden Furniture at Simply Wood

Please check out our new exciting range for 2017. We have added new ranges, products and categories to keep up with the latest designs and trends. New this year is the pressure treated products from Anchor Fast, designed stylishly and built with the British climate in mind. New products manufactured in highest quality Teak and Oak have also arrived.

A full range available from wooden patio sets gazebos, benches, love seats, swing seats, arbours and arches. To accompany each range with have a range of accessories including cushions, parasols and stain. Simply Wood you can rely on, years of experience bringing top quality garden furniture to the market for you to enjoy year after year.

For quality Wooden Garden Furniture that never goes out of style and is durable enough to withstand the unpredictable British weather, look no further than Simply Wood for your entire garden needs. Whether it is Wooden Patio Sets or Wooden Garden Arbours and Arches we can supply with a fast and seamless service.

As Wood Furniture specialists, our pieces complement any outdoor space. Our varied collection of products makes luxury affordable. Many gardens and patios throughout the UK have been transformed thanks to our timeless designs. We have Wooden Garden Benches and Wooden Bird Tables Info of all styles and sizes. Our rustic, natural and hardwood pieces have proved popular for many people who want wooden garden furniture that never goes out of fashion.

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Simply Wood – Online Stockists of the complete range of Peter Smith Garden Furniture and Anchor Fast Garden Furniture

At Simply Wood, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of hardwood, rustic and contemporary Furniture that suits all tastes and budgets. For entertaining, Our range of Wooden Garden Swing Seats is hard to beat and our selection of chairs, tables, picnic sets and benches exude a richness and warmth that only wooden furniture can give.

We have picnic sets to seat the whole family and rustic benches and other garden sets which are perfect for when you want to lounge and relax outdoors. Wooden Garden furniture has many other benefits as well as its aesthetic qualities, made from only the best woods it can add that natural and classic look that only wood can.

All of our range is made from the finest of woods for outdoor longevity, though we do recommend when you buy our garden and patio furniture, to invest in coverings to give extra protection and save time on maintenance.

Outdoor furniture is by far and away the popular choice for people who demand quality that lasts. You can be sure when summer BBQ’s are rained off and the patio picnic set and bench is getting a good soaking you have nothing to fear with rust or wet cushions.

Whether your desire for rustic/contemporary Furniture is to entertain, withstand the weather or simply to indulge, we have the frange for you, to compliment your taste and your garden and if you are looking for real bargins search our Garden Furniture Sale section.

Wooden Garden Furniture Care

Care Of Your wooden garden furniture

You can spend a lot of money on garden furniture, however if you don’t look after the furniture it can end up looking tired, old, worn out and very weathered, especially with our unstable climate.

You should store the furniture inside, however if you can’t, buy a protective waterproof cover to protect your furniture.

Hardwood furniture is durable and requires little maintenance and will, in time, weather to a silver/grey colour. To keep its original look, apply teak oil on the day of purchase, ensure this is done before any rain or moisture has made contact with your furniture.

From time to time, give your wooden furniture an occasional scrub. Use mild soapy warm water and a brush. Once cleaned, softwood should be allowed to dry and then given a coat of quality wood preservative. Do this annually to help maintain the life of the product.

Always follow the maintenance instructions supplied. New furniture comes with maintenance instructions. Follow these instructions carefully and you will have years of use of your furniture. Here is a very quick guide to maintaining your Wooden Garden Furniture

All You Need: –

Scrubbing Brush
Hot Soapy Water
Water Based Stain Or Teak Oil
Wood Preservative
Paint Brush

To Start With –
Scrub and clean the furniture with the brush and soapy water.
Secondly –
Once clean allow the furniture to dry properly, this will take time

Finally –

Hardwood Garden Furniture – is naturally very durable so it does not need any wood preservative. However, to improve its appearance you could rub in a little teak oil or apply water based wood stain.
Softwood – Apply a water based wood stain.

Why Choose Softwood Garden Furniture

Hardwood wooden furniture seems to be very trendy at the moment. So why choose wooden garden furniture made of softwoods?
Well, softwood (pine, spruce and fir) has all sorts of good features particularly for rainy English gardens. Although Pine is technically Softwood, this term can be misleading; some ‘softwoods’ are harder than some ‘hardwoods’.
Tanalised Pine Is Comfortable
Because softwood is relatively easy to work, it can be shaped into comfortable curves to fit the human body.
Tanalised Softwood Is Suitable For The UK Weather
‘Tanalised’ means the wood is pressure-treated to resist wet and rot. Our furniture is fastened together with plated bolts. If the wood moves a little in the damp, you just tighten the bolts, and your furniture is as good as new.
Although every care is taken in selecting the timber, unlike plastic, any timber open to the British climate will show signs of some cracks and warping, but with pressure treatment, this will not detract from the life or usefulness of the product.
Will It Need Treating Regularly?
Tanalised softwood (particularly pine redwood) needs less maintenance than you may think. Just give it a wash down with soapy water.
Tanalised Softwood Garden Furniture Is Affordable
Because softwood grows relatively quickly, we can offer really well made comfortable, properly finished wooden furniture at a price you can reasonably afford.
Tanalised Softwood Is Sustainable
Pine, spruce and fir trees grow quickly and are a well-established crop in Europe and the UK.

Many companies are now using Acacia to produce their wooden furniture. It began some 10 years ago with pressure from IKEA to produce furniture that was environmentally friendly. They opted to use Acacia as it is a plantation timber and therefore has not resulted in any deforestation. The Acacia that we are using in our products comes from a hybrid version of the timber species which is basically a tree derived from the original Acacia tree found in Malaysia and a species called Magnum.

Acacia has a number of advantages over other timbers: –

It has a compact structure and therefore does not crack. It suffers no lengthwise cracking unlike Oak and other timbers
Termites due to its structure will not attack it.
It is a plantation timber.
It requires no chemical treatment.
It has a smooth finish and reacts well to painting process (where appropriate)

To enjoy years of enjoyment from this product, please take a few moments to read this information.

This product has been made using a timber species commonly referred to in the UK as Keruing. (Dipterocarpus)There are over seventy species of Dipterocarpus growing in South East Asia – many different ones in each country.

The species are all broadly quite similar and are marketed as mixtures available under a single name. Today, the timber used in our furniture is our timber sourced from well managed plantations throughout South East Asia. The timbers vary in colour from pinkish-brown to dark brown. Grain is straight or shallowly interlocked.

All outdoor wooden garden furniture needs to be maintained if you wish to retain the colour and lustre of the wood. This requires treatment of a regular basis. Additionally, we recommend that the furniture is covered when left unused for extended periods of time. Left untreated, the timber will change naturally to a silver greyish tone, the exact colour dependent on the environment conditions.
During long dry spells, small cracks may appear in the untreated wood, especially on the end grain. These cracks are perfectly normal characteristics and will not affect the strength or durability of the furniture. The same cracks should disappear once the relative level of humidity increases.

Prior to shipment the furniture is treated with a protective oil to ensure that it arrives with you in good condition. We suggest that after three weeks of use you re–oil the furniture. Prior to oiling the product must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Any stains on the timber can be removed using fine sandpaper.

It is usual for small amounts of sap resin to appear on the surface of the wood in certain climatic condition. This is a characteristic of the timber. If the resin has crystallised, it can be removed using a stiff brush. If it is sticky to the touch, use a suitable tool to remove any resin pools and use white spirit to wipe clean the surface.

If you would like to preserve the original colour of your wooden furniture, oil should be sparingly applied every two months if the furniture is left uncovered. Regular treatments will slow down the weathering process and will minimise surface cracks.

Before re-applying any oil, it is essential that dirt which may have accumulated be removed by scrubbing the surface with a stiff brush and soapy warm water. When the furniture is completely dry, any rough areas should be lightly sanded. If dirt and excess oil are not removed before re-treatment, it is possible that unsightly black areas will appear on the surface where the oil and dirt have mixed.

Finally, apply the oil giving particular attention to the end grain, hidden surface areas and any joints. Any excess oil should be wiped off with a clean cloth. Please ensure that the oil is fully dry before using the furniture.

Hardwood furniture cleaners are available at retailers and Garden Centres when a more extensive cleaning is required.







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