Stontex Green To Clean – Patio/Drive/Garden Furniture Professional Cleaner

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Self Cleaning Cleaner | Expert Finish | Overnight Delivery



Stontex green to clean out door heavy duty/professional cleaner – 5 Ltr.

This product is amazing, so easy to use, just pour on your patio/driveway and leave. Overnight (6hrs) it will start to work and over the next few days your patio is clean – patio magic and like algon.

It is environmentally friendly and a biodegradable cleaner, that self cleans with a unique innovative technology.

Dilute with water and spray/pour onto any pourous outdoor material including wooden garden furniture and any patio.

Remains active for 9 months to help prevent green staining.

No power washing required therefore protects your furniture, apply and leave.

Outstanding results.





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