Simply Wood Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station

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Simply Wood Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station

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Simply Wood Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station



  • A classic design hedgehog shelter
  • Ideal feeding station
  • Solid wood construction for better insulation
  • Made locally in the UK
  • Animal friendly preservative
  • Two entrances, each with its own staggered baffle entrance, giving protection from the wind and rain
  • Gives protection from cats and other animals
  • Our new recycled eco roof, fully waterproof
  • Recycled eco wide feet giving a rot proof floor at both entrances
  • Open floor design in the feeding area making it easier to keep clean, simply move it to another location or just clean under it and put it back on the same spot
  • Hinged wooden stay making it easy to keep the lid open while to put the food and water in
  • Hinged eco roof with underside grooves to keep out the rain
  • Lock to stop other garden visitors taking the food
  • Ventilation gap at the front of the house
  • Dimensions: Depth 70cm x Height x 24cm x Width 36cm
  • Price includes delivery – these are handmade to order, delivered between 3 and 5 days



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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 70 × 36 × 24 cm


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