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Anchor Fast Round

Commercial contract quality – ideal for schools, parks, golf courses, sports facilities, public places, army/RAF bases, public houses and restaurants etc

Concrete round picnic table – from Anchor Fast

Seating up to 8 adults

Extremely robust & theft resistant

Steel reinforced, bolted concrete supports maintains excellent stability

We deliver this – delivery takes longer, we will contact to arrange a suitable date and time

Please note during the COVID-19 situation all orders will be supplied unassembled, flatpacked due to limited availability of staff and government guidlines on staff visiting sites. They are very straight forward to assemble, full instructions supplied, ideally takes 2 people around 30 minutes per bench. Apologies for any inconvenience, we hope to restore this assembly service as soon as possible dependant on the changing Goverment proceedures.

For self assemble please see below inctructions:-


Anchorfast Round Assembly Instructions


Fixings                                                        Components                                          Tools Required                                          

  • 16 x M10 x 100 Hex Bolts    (a) 1 x Table Top Assembly    13mm Spanner or socket
  • 4 x M10 x 120 Cup Square Bolts (b) 4 x Seat Assemblies          17mm Spanner or Socket
  • 20 x M10 x nuts and washers    (c) 4 x Concrete legs
  • 8 x M8 x 50 Cup Square Bolts
  • 8 x M8 nuts and washers
  • 8 x Galvanised Right Angled Brackets
  • 4 x Left Hand Galvanised Seat brackets
  • 4 x Right Hand Galvanised Seat brackets


This Product requires 2 people to assemble. Concrete legs are very heavy and lifting equipment should be used where necessary. For easier assembly all nuts and bolts should not be fully tightened until assembly is complete.

On firm level Ground Fix 4 x Concrete Legs (c) together using 8 fixings (6), 8 x fixings (1) and 8 x fixings (3).


Fit Table Top Assembly (a) to Concrete Leg Assemblies(c) using 4 x fixing (2) and 4 x fixing (3).

Fix 1 x Left hand galvanised Seat Bracket (7) and 1 x Right hand galvanised Seat Bracket (8) to Seat Assembly (b) using 2 x fixings (4) and 2 x fixings (5)

Repeat for all 4 Seat Assemblies

Fit Seat Assembly (b) with galvanised seat Brackets to Concrete leg (c) using 2 x fixing (1) and 2 x fixing (3)

Repeat for all 4 Seats

Now fully Assembled tighten fully all fixings

Care and Maintenance

Your new garden furniture is a natural timber product (soft wood). In order that you may prolong the life of this product, we recommend that you follow the general care and maintenance advice below.


All fixings are to be checked for tightness and signs of deterioration at the beginning of each season and on a regular basis.


We recommend that this product is positioned on firm level ground. If necessary the product can be firmly fixed to the ground by using a propriety ground anchor.


Product should be checked regularly and re-coated with a suitable topcoat finish when required. Redecoration with external quality wood stains is recommended at regular intervals dependent on exposure.  If accidental damage occurs, lightly sand and recoat with suitable water based wood preservative. Product can be cleaned periodically with a mild soapy detergent.

This is a natural product and therefore colour may vary slightly from piece to piece.

As a natural product it is possible that knots can work loose and sometimes fall out, also resin leakage and small cracks can appear on the woods surface. Should this happen, clean of the resin, ensure any sharp edges are sanded smooth and recoat.







Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 74 cm


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