Simply Wood Composter

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Simply Wood Composter 1m x 1m x 0.6m

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This environmentally friendly composter is great for the disposal of your kitchen and garden waste. Make nutritious (and free) compost to feed your garden throughout the year.

The easy-to-assemble structure does not require any tools to build; you simply slot the pieces together until you reach your required waste level. This ensures good air circulation which is perfect for composting. It can hold approximately 600 litres of waste.


  • 600 litre capacity (approx)
  • Can be gradually built to match waste level
  • Easy access to compost
  • High quality, pressure treated wood
  • Sustainable wood from responsibly managed forests
  • No tools required – simply slot the pieces together
  • Help to reduce your carbon footprint!!! – recouping your cost in the lack of need to purchase compost and reduce the number of journeys to the garden centre, supermarket or online deliveries of compost!!

Dimensions & weight

Composter / 00348

Sizes 1m (W) x 1m (D) x 0.6m (H)
Materials Softwood
Weight 15 kg

How to put it together

1 person
Less than 1 hour
Easy 1 box

Care & maintenance

As an easy care product made from pressure treated wood to protect against rot there is no need to apply any treatment within the first 6 months of receipt. Doing so will invalidate the warranty, as this will not allow enough time for excess moisture from the pressure treatment to dry out. However, after this period you may apply annual treatment to prolong the life and look of the product.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 600 cm


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