Anchor Fast Products Care and Maintenance

Your new wooden garden furniture is a natural timber product. In order that you may prolong the life of this product, we highly recommend that you follow the general care and maintenance advice below.

The timber used in our Devon Range is pressure treated in accordance with BS 8417:2011 to provide protection against biodeterioration in end use situations. It is possible that under some environmental conditions that a surface mould may develop, should this happen clean off with mild soapy water, no harm will be done to the product at all.

All fixings to be checked for tightness ans signs of deterioration at the beginning of each season and on a regular basis.

We recommend that this product is positioned on a firm level ground. If necessary the product can be firmly fixed to the ground by using a proprietary ground anchor.

Your product should be checked regularly, and re-coated with a suitable topcoat finish when required, depending on how good the summer is (direct sun light) and how bad the winter is, all the elements of rain, snow and wind. If accidental damage occurs, lightly sand and re-coat with a suitable water based preservative. Product can be cleaned periodically with a mild soapy detergent.

This is a natural product and therefore colour may vary slightly from piece to piece.

As a natural product it is possible that knots can work loose ans sometimes fall out, also resin leakage and small cracks can appear on the woods surface. Should this happen, clean of resin, ensure any sharp edges are sanded smooth and recoat.

Products should be given suitable protection from adverse weather conditions, particularly during the winter months.

These instructions are direct from the manufacturer.

I hope the above helps, for any further information please do contact us via Email or telephone.