Natural Wooden Aftercare Information

Natural Wooden Aftercare Information

Congratulations on the purchase of your new wooden garden product, as with all natural products we recommend that you follow some simple general care and maintenance advice to secure and prolong the life of your item(s).

Wood is a natural product of course, and it is now no longer growing/living, therefore its natural self defence and preservation in the heat, cold and wet is reduced. In the heat the wood will expand and the natural sap the wood contains will evaporate, as the temperature cools the wood will then retract possibly leaving fine cracks/fading/warping. However, none of these should cause concern as they will not affect the strength or life of your product.

Obviously if a split in the wood is severe then a replacement part will be sent out free of charge as part of your warranty/guarantee.

Your wooden product is likely to have knots, there are two types of knots, live & dead knots! A live knot is light in colour and generally will never move or fall out or affect your product in strength or durability. However, a dead knot is darker colour and may fall out leaving an effect on the strength of a product, with possible sharp edges and look unsightly. If this is the case, please report immediately sending photographs of the affected area.

Wood sap/resin is all part of a timber product and leakages in the early life of product can occur. These are easily cleaned away with a mild soapy solution and once dry you can treat the area with a suitable preservative. Once an any leakages of sap/resin have been removed they will not repeat in that again.

If you have purchased a tanalised pressure treated product, you may find on unpacking there is some surface mould on the wood. Possibly black marks, green streaks and white fur on appearance. This mould is normal and is nothing at all to be concerned about, it has occurred in the packaging due to lack of airflow, sun light and once out in the open, wipe over with a wet cloth and it will not return. The mould is not harmful to the products strength/durability or plants etc.

We recommend you check your product regularly:

  • check any fittings/fixtures tightness or deterioration,
  • ensure it is stood on level ground
  • if necessary clean with a mild soapy solution
  • a gentle sand if required
  • and then apply a water-based wood stain (available from any good DIY store) before the summer heat and again winter if not covering or storing outside
  • Tanalised products can be stained but is not required for preservation only to improve the appearance
  • And for that extra protection of wooden garden furniture, you can always use a cover, please see our listings for various sizes