Wooden garden arbour


Four Stylish Uses of Wooden Garden Arbour

Garden arbours have been used for centuries in decorating gardens and landscapes of all types. Whereas there are several types that could be used, wooden garden arbours seem to be taking the center stage as the favorite for those looking to decorate their gardens.

They offer versatility in terms of design and décor hence they can be used in a number of places and to create different kinds of effects in the exterior of the home. Listed below are some four stylish ways you could use the wooden garden arbours in your home-:

Making Grand Entrance

A simple arbour over your front walk will go a long way in dressing up your yard by creating a memorable entrance for those who walk through it. To get the best results, you need to choose on a wooden arbour whose design and style compliments the general aesthetics of the home.

Create Garden Destinations

Most people are used to filling gardens with plants that they forget to leave a space where they can enjoy it all. You can incorporate an arbour into the garden then place a bench beneath it to create a perfect garden gateway where you can hide in and have wonderful moments alone.

Deck Decoration

Wooden garden arbours can also be used to add a little drama to your decks in the same manner they are used to enhance the looks of the patio. For good performance, the style and design of the arbour should complement the general looks and feel of the patio.

For garden arts

Most of the traditional arbors are usually painted white or just left with the natural wood colours. You can make them appeal more to the eyes by painting them with bold, bright colours.

A great range to view here, including the new tavistock arbour , pictured above, which has a handy storage box under the seat.