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Zest 4 Leisure Wooden Garden Furniture

People love to complain about the grey, dreary weather in England. People in the UK probably own more rain boots and more umbrellas per capita than any other nation on Earth. When it is rainy and overcast for the 100th day in a row, it is easy to forget what a joy it is to attend a summer garden party when the weather is sunny. There is nothing quite like an English garden party when the weather is agreeable. Our purpose here at the Simply Wood blog is to showcase wooden garden benches and other types of wooden garden furniture to make your garden party a delight. This post is dedicated to the wooden garden furniture made by Zest 4 Leisure.

They started out in the business of selling timber and later expanded into ready-made wooden garden furniture. It has been a family business for five generations, which means that people were buying wood from these people for DIY projects long before the term DIY even existed. Now they sell everything from wooden garden benches to trellises, gazebos, picnic tables, and even aquatic planters. That means that, with zest, you can outfit your garden with anything from a gate to a deck to an old-fashioned garden swing to a planter for growing hydroponic lettuce and tomatoes.

They offer a variety of planters and flower beds for both decorative plants and for home-grown vegetables. It even has deep root planters of various shapes and sizes to accommodate larger plants, as well as a potting table and a utility table to make it easier for you to work in the garden. Being able to grow your own vegetables for your family’s table is many people’s dream, and vegetable planters help to make that dream a reality. Aquatic planters are the latest trend in garden planters, and has several varieties of these. Aquatic planters are a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional soil planters.

Few things are more enjoyable than sitting in your garden to share a meal with your family or just to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Picnic tables are perfect for outdoor dining or just sitting outside and enjoying the sunny weather. They have everything from basic picnic tables like the ones you would find in a public park to picnic tables built at just the right height for children, and then there are the more elegant options. The Caroline table can be purchased separately or with wooden garden benches and chairs so that it is just like an outdoor version of an indoor dining room. Even a round picnic table with attached benches all around, for an even more comfortable outdoor dining experience. And now for the real leisure. Also on offer are wooden rocking chairs, rocking benches, covered arbours, and bench swings. They also have a variety of decorative arches that look beautiful by themselves or as a home for climbing vines.

Trellises are wooden frames on which to grow plants that are naturally inclined to climb, such as bougainvillea or green beans, or which can be made to climb, such as roses. Natural rose bushes are a classic staple of English gardening; the rose garden in Regent’s Park is just one example. Tea roses grown on a trellis, though, are arguably even more elegant. You can choose from trellises of a variety of shapes and patterns, in order to accommodate different types of flowers and other plants.

To keep your garden looking orderly, it is important to have storage areas. At simply wood, you can choose from a variety of shelves and chests in which to store logs. They also have all-purpose garden shelves and a small tool shed. (You can, of course, purchase wood in order to build a bigger shed if that is what you need.) Becoming a sufficiently skilled gardener to serve vegetables from your own garden at your table gives you a great sense of accomplishment, but perhaps an even more satisfying feeling is composting your own rubbish, whether it be scraps from fruits and vegetables you bought or ones you grew in your own garden. One of the storage products is a composter for your outdoor compost heap. Having a compost heap in your garden is a great way for you to do your part to save the environment. That way, your potato peels, green bean ends, and apple cores don’t end up in a landfill. In fact, they never even make it to the dustbin. Instead, they go to the compost heap to become soil in order to grow more fruits and vegetables. It is one of the most sustainable practices out there, turning your food into more food.

One of the most popular DIY products is building a deck for your garden. Garden parties where people walk on the grass and even sit on the grass are beautiful when the weather is right, but much of the time, the weather in England is much too rainy for that, and gardens are just too muddy to be a suitable place to eat lunch. A deck is an appropriate place to have a garden party in almost any weather, though, and it is the perfect place to set up your outdoor barbecue. Zest 4 Leisure has all the materials you need to build a deck for your garden, from boards to joists to hand rails.

They specialise in all kinds of materials and accessories for a garden. Whether your wish is to host a barbecue party on your deck, eat family dinner in your garden in the summer, or grow your own vegetables and sustain them with a compost heap, we have something for you. It has been in business for generations and has built up a very good reputation.