Vintage Searchlight Heater


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La Hacienda Vintage Searchlight Heater

Product Code: 69551

  • Three heat settings: 900w / 1200w / 2100w
  • Steel construction
  • Classic Searchlight Style with vertical tilting head
  • Provides directional heat
  • IP54 rated
  • Freestanding & portable


Another innovative design, the Vintage Searchlight Heater takes advantage of the popularity of retro design, combined with modern technology.

There is no doubt that this is a powerful halogen heater with three heat settings to warm even the coldest evening, and it also looks tremendously effective as a freestanding outdoor piece that is based on classic style.

The ‘Searchlight’ sits on a stand that is nearly 7ft high, made of steel and smartly finished in black. It can be tilted to provide directional heat to where it is most required and will be fully appreciated.

Instruction Manual


Dimensions W 45 cm x H 210 cm
Colour Black
Material Steel
Product code 69551

What is the cost to run?
900w = 31p per hour
1200w = 41p per hour
2100w = 71p per hour

*Calculations based on 0.34p kWh.


**Delivery is direct from our Factory 3 – 5 days**


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