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Anchor Fast Garden Furniture

No matter where you live, it can be a wonderful thing to gather both friends and family alike to celebrate outdoors. Some of the fondest memories you probably have involve spending time with your loved ones while enjoying your time in the garden or your yard. However, there is something which can truly boost your enjoyment of your outside space. Anchor Fast provides the comfort that folding chairs just can’t. If you’ve ever dreaded trying to pull the folding chairs out of storage because people are coming over, you can forget about them! With garden furniture, you are prepared to entertain guests or have a quiet moment to yourself whenever you want it!

It is extremely popular to host events in the garden or yard now because who doesn’t enjoy a day spent comfortably in the sun? The blue sky, fresh air, and music of the birds is a lovely backdrop for the conversations which can take place. Spending quality time outdoors will rejuvenate your body and mind as well as strengthening your bond with your loved ones. You don’t have to spend a ton to have a good time; all you need is a yard, some comfortable garden furniture, and great company! There are a ton of different options available when it comes to wooden garden furniture, which means you can design a yard however you want it to look! This is great if you are someone who enjoys decorating as you have free roam and can add pops of color with flowers or gorgeous plants which may be difficult indoors!

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We at Anchor Fast Garden Furniture are dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable and best outdoor furniture around! We were originally based in Nottingham but have moved to a location in Doncaster. We make a wide variety of different types of furniture so you have a ton of different options to choose from! We started business in 1991, so we have a ton of experience under our belt and know what makes the best outdoor furniture. Our products speak for themselves and you’re sure to find something you’ll fall in love with when you check out our different wares!

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All of the timber and concrete products we have available have been considered for a long time before they are perfect and ready for you to enjoy. When you buy one of our timber and concrete pieces, you can be sure:

  1. Every piece of timber is heavy duty and can with take quite a bit of wear and tear without ever looking weathered. Heavy duty timber is known for being quite sturdy and our pieces are no different!
  2. Come with a heavy duty bolting system to ensure stability.
  3. Each piece with metal is zinc plated to ensure corrosion will not occur.
  4. No solvents are used on our products, instead, water-based preservatives are used to treat them!
  5. You can count on our products to last!
  6. We pride ourselves on remaining affordable while providing you with superior product quality.
  7. Our products are green so you don’t have to worry about placing furniture in your garden and everything dying!


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If you are in the market for pressure treated outdoor furniture, Anchor Fast Garden Furniture has just the thing for you! All of our timber that undergoes pressure treating is done following every code to ensure you won’t have to deal with your timber disappearing as soon as you get it. Our pressure treating process will give your furniture another 10 years for you to enjoy it!

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We have a wide variety of timber pieces for you to choose from! We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase so we offer these features for your convenience:

  1. All our timber pieces are made from heavy duty timber, which means they are reliable and will stay standing and looking just as nice as when you first bought them.
  2. There are no solvents in our products, they all have water-based preservatives instead.
  3. The assembly is simple so you won’t feel frustrated by trying to put something together which is supposed to help you relax. We know how annoying self-assembly products can be so we tried to make it as easy as possible for you!
  4. If you purchase a product which is supposed to hold an umbrella or parasol, there will be a pre-drilled hole so you don’t have to worry about the dimensions or where to put it!
  5. We provide all the instructions you will need to complete the assembly so you don’t end up lost.
  6. We deliver nationwide and in a timely manner!

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We have taken people of all ages into consideration. Everyone should be able to enjoy lounging or playing outdoors with Anchor Fast Garden Furniture to keep them comfortable. We have a range of different pieces for the younger ones to use. All of our furniture holds the same great standard of quality you love about our pieces made for the older generation. The Early Years pieces can take whatever your children can throw at them, so you need not worry about them breaking down. Whether you use the extra space as a learning area or let them use it as playground, they’ll have a blast!

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We have made sure to include something for every generation, from the ones who just started running to the ones who are tall enough to get into trouble. Our Junior Anchor Fast Garden Furniture pieces are made on a smaller scale with everything still made to the upmost standards!

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Garden furniture can really make your yard or garden look polished and make it a wonderful place for family and friends to hang out and spend quality time together. If you want your garden to transform into something more than just a pretty spot outside, you need Anchor Fast Garden Furniture! You’ll love spending time outside once you have a place to fully relax and soak up the sunshine. Don’t miss out on special moments, check out the wide variety of furniture we have available for you now!

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