Stontex Industrial Outdoor/Furniture Cleaner

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Heavy Duty Black Spot Remover | Expert Finish | Overnight Delivery


Organic Spot Stain & Black Spot Remover – 5Ltr

Stontex, brand leading cleaning products, industrial outdoor/furniture cleaner is a biodegradable fast acting, strongest available stain remover for algae, moss and litchen. Ideal for all wooden garden furniture, it is  heavy duty professional version of the all in one outdoor cleaner from Stontex.

It also can be used on external paving, eg natural stone, concrete and all patios, it is a commercial industrial strength high quality cleaner that dilutes for extended and further increased coverage.

Very very easy to use and apply to all stubborn stains. It is best to leave to work overnight on real nasty stains/moss etc and then rinse with water.

The finish is unbelieveable and so successul, use yearly to keep your outdoor furniture looking new again.

Also a  very good cleaner for old headstones, driveways and patios which will remove very deep rooted white and dark lichen stains.

No need to pressure wash at all and therefore keeps the stone and furniture as it was, without any damage.



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